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Hot Ham Paste (Ham and Black Bean Soup)

Hambone…Hambone…Hambone! On Christmas, I made a fabulous Bourbon Cider Glazed Ham, and of course I ended up with a hambone left over.  That means it’s time for soup!  I started with this recipe from Three Many Cooks, but it turned … Continue reading

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Breakfast Crepes

Lots of leftover ham means ham and egg and cheese crepes for breakfast! I used something halfway between the “Basic Sweet Crepes” and “Basic Savory Crepes” recipe from the Joy of Cooking.

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Bourbon Cider Glazed Ham

Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people — generosity, togetherness, family, Christian co-option of pagan holidays, buying things on Amazon, etc. But let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas – HAM!

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Broccaroni and Cheese

So, we had the whole week of meals planned last week, and it all went to hell when broccoli went on sale at Metropolitan Market.  Well, not really, but I had to find a way to work it in once … Continue reading

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